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The Products that I use for healthy hair are below,
and can be securely purchased by clicking the links! 

Each week, I use the products below.  They have helped me avoid spending thousands per year on salon visits and wigs--not to mention time in the morning trying to fix a bad hair day.  To me it's easier to do preventive hair care than to spend months reversing the damage.  Try my favorite products, and I know that you'll see the difference!

My Favorite Conditioner!

Silicon Mix will make your hair easier to comb when wet. It provides a nice shine once it's dry, or you can use it as a hairdress on wet hair if you want a curly style.  I like it because my hair gets tangled after shampooing, and silicon Mix protects and smooths my hair when roller-setting!

A Must-Have Setting Lotion

This conditioning lotion is so versatile and light that I use it on my daughter's hair!  Salerm 21 is fortified with vitamin B5, and keeps hair smooth after you've rinsed out the conditioner.  Do not rinse out this product, as it will add body and shine to your hair once its dry.

Fire Your Blow-Dryer!

A helmut dryer is so much better for your hair because it doesn't hit your ends with intense, direct heat that causes breakage.  To achieve healthy hair, you must invest in a dryer that promotes it--not prevents it!

A Sleek Finish

You can use this gloss after removing the rollers, or on hair that is dry.  I apply on my hair before wrapping it, and it protects my hair from the frizzies caused by humidity.  Don't use too much, or you'll lose that body and bounce!

Damage Control

About twice a month (or more if necessary), treat your hair to Nexxus Emergencee which helps coat damaged ends.  Emergencee helps me keep my chemically-treated strands on my head!

A Reconstructor Like No Other

When my color-treated hair started falling out in the sink, I turned to Aphogee!  It hardens like dry egg yolk, and seals the protein in your hair to prevent loss.  If you're experiencing hair loss due to chemical treatments, try it today!

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